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"...as a storyteller he may fill the void created by the loss of other great fiction writers such as Crichton & Clancy."     

Photo by Michael J. Young, MD

The Illness of Medicine is a riveting and terrifying look behind the opaque and confusing state of health in America. After 33 years on the front lines, Dr. Young tells you what your doctor won’t about how it all works and too often does not. This book is a disturbing and scathing indictment of a system on life support and once you pick it up you won’t be able to put it down.”     – Jack Conaty, Chicago; Former Political Editor 


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Max Conit, a genius, but ununderstood scientist was convinced his invention, a smart synthetic hydrogel, would help treat patients and possibly save lives. But with nefarious intentions, inexplicable deaths and a puzzling investigation, has the perfect crime been devised? This is a brilliantly clever and intriguing thriller. I highly recommend it.” 

— Cristian J. Luciano, PhD, Dir. Mixed Reality Laboratory; University of Illinois at Chicago


Dr. Michael J. Young’s involvement in the medical field as a seasoned surgeon and educator led to his first book, The Illness of Medicine, which details his experiences with the current state of our health-care related issues and obstacles. 

Currently, his work is primarily engaged in the innovation and development of surgical instruments and medical devices. This research contributed to the writing of his medical-thriller, Consequence of Murder.  Dr. Young resides in Chicago. (Author photo by: Giles Bruce, The Times of Northwest Indiana)

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