Consequence of Murder is a mystery/thriller which centers around our present-day medical system – a complex system that is unfortunately infected with opportunistic behavior predicated upon greed. This splendid new storyteller and innovator takes the reader on a wild ride with spellbinding intrigue and masterful creativity.

Deep in the research labs of University Hospital, a biochemical engineer has developed a new material that he designed to behave in a specific biological manner. The co-developer of this product is Dr. Jay Yamp, a renowned surgeon with an impeccable reputation, who is using it for the first time on his patients. A large pharmaceutical company engaged in opioid manufacturing and marketing, is attempting to promote the sale of its product to unscrupulous doctors––a whistle-blower in the drug industry unravels a pattern of illegal drug-promotion and becomes an innocent target. These seemingly separate events become linked through deception, manipulation, and intrigue within a hospital environment that makes us all unnerved. It is entertaining and frightening to read how vulnerable we can all be as patients. Murder, money, and greed slam together with a seemingly untraceable method of death in a brilliantly original Consequence of Murder.  

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Consequence of Murder 

by Michael J. Young, M.D. 

Publication date: 6/15/19. 278 pages. (Published by GM Books / Los Angeles; 310-923-2157).

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-882383-67-2  | $30.00

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-882383-62-7 | $20.00

eBook ISBN:   978-1-882383-64-1      | $7.99


The Illness of Medicine examines and reviews how one experiences medical treatment from both sides of the table. The significant obstacles patients endure, as well as the exasperation many of the truly dedicated medical professionals feel, has been assessed. The controlling arrogance of the insurance industry and the clout pharmaceutical companies have has just become overwhelming. 

Dr. Young recalls a time in his 30-year medical practice when these industries worked with, and for, us. Today, they appear to be the opposition. Patients have essentially no control and doctors have lost the ability to direct their own profession. Profit-driven corporations dictate how patient care is now governed and this is an undeniable problem that needs to be addressed and rectified. We are all frustrated with how we are so restricted, so vulnerable as we struggle to navigate through our health care system. Most painful is how we are treated by the medical system itself. Absent today is the sense of concern and empathy we used to associate with the health care community. We yearn to be treated with compassion; to have trust and confidence in those engaged in taking care of us. 

Unfortunately, medicine has become a mechanism of profit. It has become a business whose own bureaucratic demands have spread like a powerful, aggressive disease.  

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The Illness of Medicine: 

Experiences of Clinical Practice 

by Michael J. Young, M.D. 

(Published by GM Books / Los Angeles; 310-923-2157). 264 pages. Publication Date: 2/28/18

Hardcover ISBN: 9781882383603 | $30.00

Paperback ISBN: 9781882383580 | $19.95

eBook: ISBN:  9781882383597      | $5.99